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Prioritise health and wellbeing in your building.

Valeo Technology brings together innovators in science, design, and the built environment.

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The best of biophilic and wellness technology

  • A network of products focused on health in the built environment

  • Multi-sensory solutions spanning air, light, and sound quality

  • Exciting, evidence-based design options

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How Valeo Technology enhances spaces

Multi Sensory Biophilic design for education workplace
Valeo Technology collaborated with Moodsonic Soundscaping and @aroma to design multi sensory spaces that use sound and scent to optimise the occupants experience and wellbeing within the building.


Moodsonic soundscaping

Moodsonic’s biophilic soundscapes aid focuswellbeing, and neuroinclusivity by harnessing the scientific benefits of sound.

Let's talk

We’d love to hear more about your project and help find you the best wellbeing-led solutions.

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