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Humans have been incorporating natural scents into their lives for thousands of years.
Natural scents are an indispensable part of our lives. They seep into the psyche just like scenery and music, pleasantly color spaces, and remain in our memories.


What is @ aroma?


@aroma specialise in Scent Architecture and design for use in high quality interior environments and branding projects.  They provide a full range of scent services that include developing aroma products for professional and personal use to designing spaces that possess natural scents.


Using only the finest, 100% natural ingredients, our experts create the world’s most sophisticated and refined scent experiences.  We combine our unrivaled expertise in blending essential oils with advanced diffusion systems to enhance the overall perception and improve the total experience of a space.




We design our diffusers from scratch to do our exceptional oils justice. We believe they are the world’s most advanced diffusers for essential oils.
Every diffuser is designed by renowned product designers and engineered in Japan. They are build to last, made from the highest quality materials.

The 'Professional' diffuser range are designed for commercial use in offices, hotels, retail, healthcare, education etc environments.  This range includes wall mounted and floor standing devices or integrated HVAC solutions.

The 'Personal' diffuser range are just that, from electric types with sophisticated functions to more simple, yet captivating solutions that scent your personal space.



@aroma has produced a collection of thoughtfully curated scents that offer a wide range of functional and aesthetic solutions for any scheme.
The specific blending of ingredients for each oil is developed with consideration given to the effects on the mind, the body, and the environment.

@aroma has a team of scent designers who are experts in creating aromas for space design.

Their vast catalogue includes aromas designed to complement interior spaces (Design and Botanical Series) and increase occupant wellbeing (Clean, Balanced Mind and Supplement air series).   

Signature Scents can be designed specific to clients requirements providing a unique olfactory experience for the building occupants.


Learn more on the @ aroma website.

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