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Moodsonic soundscaping

Soundscapes for wellbeing and productivity

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What is Moodsonic?


Did you know noise is the biggest complaint about today’s buildings? The sound of our buildings is intrinsically linked to our quality of life, so it’s important to carefully design that sound. Research has shown time and time again that the sounds of nature improve our relaxation, wellbeing, and focus.

Moodsonic’s soundscapes are designed to do just that. They’re scientifically designed for a range of activities and people, all with your wellbeing in mind.

Moodsonic combines the science of psychoacoustics with sonic engineering to deliver healthy, smart soundscapes to the built environment, while providing the flexibility and customisation needed to suit your existing designs.

Key features


Moodsonic harnesses the scientific benefits of carefully designed biophilic sound.


Nature doesn’t loop, and neither should your sound. Moodsonic’s soundscapes are created using generative sound algorithms.


Moodsonic supports activity-based working and give a range of stimulation levels across a space.


Moodsonic’s content is designed around our body’s circadian rhythms. Sound can cue these circadian rhythms to help feel us more awake in the daytime and sleep better at night

Sensor driven

The precise characteristics of Moodsonic’s soundscapes can adapt in real time to external data, such as microphones or occupancy sensors.


Use real-time and historical insights about noise levels and sound quality to better understand your space 

Learn more on the Moodsonic website.

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