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Bespoke workplace soundscapes that enhance multi-sensory biophilic design and root the building in its surroundings.


SAP is a multinational software and technology company. Moodsonic first collaborated with SAP  at the company’s Tokyo office where they developed bespoke themes incorporating the sounds of Japanese nature that tied into the project design brief.   


By referencing cultural concepts and local biophilia, soundscapes have create spaces that are more relevant and engaging for employees.  A Multi-sensory biophilic design approach incorporating biophilic visuals (greenery, natural light, imagery), Moodsonic Soundscapes and 100% natural essential oil scenting by @aroma has created an enriching and welcoming workspace employees enjoy coming to.  More info on SAP Tokyo project 

Following on from this successful deployment,  SAP engaged with Valeo Technology in Australia and recently deployed Moodsonic Soundscaping in the brand new Melbourne office fit out.  Panning across 6 zones and 1,500 sqm the Moodsonic Soundscaping enriches the sophisticated design approach and localised soundscapes compliment the beautiful Melbourne skyline.  More to come....  

Location  Melbourne, Australia

Building  Workspace

Size  1500m²

BG sunset blur.png

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