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Our Building Intelligence Platform makes every building healthy, efficient and sustainable, to improve our world.

Green Buildings


What is Infogrid?


Building intelligence to improve our world


Infogrid is changing the world through building intelligence. Our AI-powered platform gathers and analyses data from the smartest IoT technology to drive our mission of making every building healthy, efficient and sustainable.


Healthy Buildings

Put the health and wellbeing of visitors first

The conditions of indoor environments have never been more important to peoples’ health, safety and comfort. On top of the risk of germs and viruses spreading, general pollutants are two to five times higher indoors than outdoors.

For businesses, a healthy environment can be the difference between employees and customers being happy to come to a premises or avoiding it.

Infogrid helps you track important factors in building health, such as the number of people in a building, the quality of the air they’re breathing, and the cleaning needs of each area, so you can make decisions that lead to cleaner, safer and happier places for everyone.

Efficient Buildings

Automate manual, time-consuming processes

Building managers have more demands on them than ever before. It doesn’t help that many processes, such as compliance, are mostly manual and don’t fit the new hybrid world.

Infogrid uses AI analytics and automation to help you find the most efficient way to run your buildings.

With our platform you can run compliance and safety checks remotely, be alerted to maintenance issues the moment they happen, and automate time-consuming tasks so you can reinvest those labour costs to other areas of your business. 

Sustainable Buildings

Make positive changes in every aspect

Stakeholders are more engaged than ever with the ESG agenda, which is why achieving net zero has become such a high priority for businesses.

With 39% of the world’s energy-related CO2 emissions coming from buildings, this is an area where many businesses can make a real difference to the planet and their operations.

With Infogrid, you can measure the environmental performance of your buildings and, with the help of AI analytics, see the actions to take that will make your estate more sustainable.

Learn more on the Infogrid website.

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