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This workplace in the heart of Sydney consists of open-plan work areas that lead into a cafeteria and huddle spaces for adhoc meetings. 

Valeo Technology brought in Moodsonic as part of a cohort of multi-sensory biophilic technology initiatives aimed at improving health and wellbeing for occupants.

Noise levels in the space had typically been high and distracting. Moodsonic is now used to reduce noise pollution from the social areas into the open workspace. Moodsonic also brings a level of privacy to meeting areas.

Energetic soundscape themes are used in the sociable cafeteria area, while focus-style biophilic soundscapes bring a sense of focus to open work areas. 

Moodsonic soundscapes are delivered via the building’s pre-existing QSC speaker system.

Location  Sydney, Australia

Building  Workspace

Size  500m²

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